I Offer PPC Services All Across World. I have over 10+ years of experience, helping businesses to grow.

Get your advertising campaigns streamlined for more leads, sales, and branding on the existing budgets.

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I am CKUMAR. I am a Certified Google Adwords Specialist .I have more than 10+ years experience. I can help you to manage and optimize your Adwords account. I Offer PPC Services in India and All Across World. I work with people who are having a budget of $ 60 per day and as well as $ 5000 per day. Till now I have set up more than 300+ campaigns and maximum of them are doing well. As a PPC manager for my clients my quest is to bring them traffic at the lowest price. Also You Can Talk To My Customers Regarding My Work, I Can Share The Contact Details Of My Clients.

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I Prefer To Work With People Who Already Have A Adwords Account And Running Them For More Than 6+ Months. Probably People Who Are Looking For Service Second Time.
Please note that Google AdWords or PPC advertisements are not suitable for every business. It depends on various factors.  Kindly, share your details to get a free business consultation. Contact me through call/ What’s App or fill up the contact form below and I will contact you.

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CATEGORY:  Online Advertising Consulting
FROM DATE:  January 17, 2008


I start with understanding my client neet of business, then I do a brain storm counselling for finding the key business points which reveals the most important action points. Then I start building ad campaign based on data collected after your business research, for few days we do run test campaign to find the business profitable keywords. Next on going process is optimizing the campaign along with landing pages based on recent campaign data output. Finally we have a perfect campaign which we optimize further to make more accurate time to time and so on.

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Find Client Needs

I first understand the need of the client and then only I move ahead. I analyze the website first and suggest you what kind of PPC Ads campaign could be best for your business.

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This is a very important part of my work process . I do not believe in fake claims or promises. I first counsel the client that in the first few months he wont get much results.

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I often tell my clients not to start with a high budget immediately suggest them to first test their website and see what happens. Google also offers free credit for new advertisers


I consider landing page as a very important component for PPC Campaign success. My experience tells me that 80% of campaign success depends on landing page.

Google adwords Specialist

Why Hire a Google Adwords Specialist?

1. Sets up your pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google Search, Google Display Partners, and Google Mobile Ads.
2. Conducts keyword research to create a list of keyword phrases on which you will be bidding.
3. Creates Adwords Ads that will run on Google Search, Google Display Partners sites (if desired), and on mobile devices (if desired).
4. Tests different ads, by creating different headlines and different ad copy.
5. I will manage Manages your bids. Can tell you what keywords were entered into Google Search, that resulted in your ad being displayed.
6. Can tell you how many times visitors clicked on your ad, which ad was clicked on, and which keyword got the ad displayed.
7. Works with you to create targeted landing pages for each of your Adwords Ad Groups.
8. Adwords campaigns should be carefully set up and carefully managed, to help you maximize the value of your Adwords investment — and a Google Adwords Specialist can make the difference between a profitable campaign and a disappointment waste of money.


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CKUMAR - Google Certitified Partner.
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WhatsApp: +91 (931) 351 2275

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